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Every Residents’ Association organises its matters around the decisions made in the Board of Owners regularly take place, with the presence of the owners.
It could occur that not every owner agrees with some of the decisions, or that if there are any possibilities of disputing these decisions or to avoid an agreement taking place.

What can be done in these cases?

Owners who have not voted or have voted against any decision in the Board of Owners, absentees, and those who have not been able to exercise their voting right, can object to agreements with which they do not agree with.
The objection will only be possible in those agreements in which the following circumstances concur: that the agreement is contrary to the Law or the Statutes, that it harms the interests of the Resident’s Association, that it benefits only one of the owners, when it causes great harm to one owner, or when it has been adopted abusing the law.

How to solve these issues?

The agreements that take place in the Board of Owners are enforceable, which is why, in case of being harmed by the decision that has taken place, and finding themselves legitimated to object the agreement, the Board of Owners can start a legal procedure to overrule agreements.
In ALCÁZAR we have a wide range of experience in this matter, which means that we know when an adopted agreement does not comply with legal requisites, and, therefore, can be legally objected.
We not only offer solutions to the problem once it has already taken place, but we also offer counsel to avoid these problems from taking place and to avoid even bigger issues. You can contact us through the contact form or by calling 952 00 55 24.

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