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concursos públicos


Concurring in a public procurement procedure requires complete tracking of the procedure in every one of its phases, to comply with the requisites established in the Public Sector Procurement Law.
In case of not being the winning tender of a public contract, we can find two well differentiated circumstances: that the solicitant has been excluded from the procedure due to supposedly not meeting the legal requirements, or, conversely, that the contract has been awarded to a less deserving company.

What to do in these situations?

It is key to possess personalized and complete counsel in every phase of the tender, from the preliminary phase to after the awarding takes place.
In ALCÁZAR you can find the necessary professional team to make sure that you have enough guarantees to take part in any process of tendering or public procurement in which you wish to participate.
We analyse the documentation required by the contractor to prepare offers. We deal with justifying abnormally low tenders when being required by the Administration.
Regarding the defence of the clients’ interest, the ALCÁZAR team submits the required submissions and appeals to object the decision of the Administration of incorrectly excluding the company from the tendering procedure, or to object the awarding of the contract to a less-deserving company.
Once the contract has been awarded, and until its finalisation, we counsel regarding the compliance of contractual obligations of the Administration, and regarding the recovery of the guarantees offered by the contractor.
The ALCÁZAR team is formed by lawyers with a wide range of experience in relations with the Public Administration, providing you with a team of experts in public tendering. You can contact us through the contact form or by calling 952 00 55 24.

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