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Partner Agreements and Family Protocol

PARTNER AGREEMENTS AND FAMILY PROTOCOL Partner agreement is the instrument with which the organisation rules of a company can

Main Servicies

Integral Company Counselling

INTEGRAL COMPANY COUNSELING Within these past few years, the legal, fiscal, and labour obligations that companies have had to

Main Servicies

Company Buyouts

COMPANY BUYOUTS Alcázar Abogados y Consultores is a firm specialized in procedures regarding the buyout and sale of companies,

Main Servicies

Business Restructuring

BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING What do we do? This department provides legal and financial services to help businessmen sustain and grow

Main Servicies


BANKRUPTCY There are some moments in which a company, for various reasons, is incapable of regularly fulfilling with their

Main Servicies

Arbitration Process

ARBITRATION PROCESS It is usual that due to the complexity of the matter, the need for a quick resolution,

Main Servicies

Partner Conflicts

PARTNER CONFLICTS The Commercial Code states that a company is formed by the union of several people with a

Main Servicies

Financial Incentives for R+D+i

FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR R+D+i ALCÁZAR, is a firm based on service tailored to the client. The mission of this

Main Servicies