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trabajadores en almacén


Businesses work in ever-changing environments (like the crisis that has taken place due to Coronavirus) which is why they must be agile in adapting their staff to the needs of the moment.
However, before making decisions that might affect the human means of the company, a detailed study regarding the improvement of productivity, on an operative and human resource level, must be carried out.
In this sense, different legal options can be valued, the need of performing an ERE or Record of Temporary Employment Regulation, evaluating individual decisions or even the substantial modification of working conditions.

What to do in these cases?

The key is to have a personalized and complete counsel in every phase of the restructuring and adaptation of the workforce processes.
In ALCÁZAR, you can find the necessary team of professionals to offer enough guarantees in every phase of the adaptation of the workforce, with the need to design a strategy regarding the most adequate decision-making.
The steps to follow are the following:

  • Detailed analysis of the proceedings of the company.
  • Data study and choosing a solution.
  • Implementation of the method for the adaptation of the workforce. It could be any of the methods that we have seen: ERE, substantial modification of the work conditions, ERTE, individual dismissals, etc.
  • Continuous tracking. The process does not end with the implementation of the method; a continuous and periodic tracking must take place to detect any deviations from the expected objectives.

In case of any claim or opening of an administrative or legal procedure, regarding the defense of our clients interest, the ALCÁZAR team takes care of making the necessary submissions and appeals and defensive strategy.
The ALCÁZAR team if formed by lawyers with a wide range of experience in the social-labour area.
You can contact us through the contact form or by calling 952 00 55 24.

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