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asesoramiento de empresas


Within these past few years, the legal, fiscal, and labour obligations that companies have had to face have grown and changed rapidly. Because of this, the board of a company feels defenceless regarding the possible consequences that a breach or a mistake made by them could imply.
Due to this, it is increasingly necessary to have a team of advisors with a global vision of the company, that takes care of keeping track and complying with the companies obligations, liberating the partners and administrators from this feeling of vulnerability.
ALCÁZAR ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES is a company with a commitment in advising companies, keeping the companies up to date with its legal, fiscal, and labour obligations that are of application, managing these obligations with due diligence and maintaining the board up to date on any related matters.
ALCÁZAR ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES offers a multidisciplinary vision in its recurring counselling. Alcazar’s philosophy is to offer a global and complete service to its clients from all of the main areas: accounting, commercial, fiscal, and labour.
To accomplish this, we possess a team formed by experienced professionals in different areas who offer the company integral counselling that limits and prevents the risks associated with adapting a decision in one area against the rest.
This multidisciplinary service aims to, not only limit the risks in every discipline, but to also help and optimise the company, facilitate the decision making to the board of the companies, keep the board up to date about the state of the company and to support the company in any important matter.
The detail of the services offered in this area are the following:


Our teams specialises in running consolidation groups in Corporate Tax and groups in Added Value Tax. The services offered in this area are:

  • Fiscal management of the presentation of mandatory tax models.
  • Fiscal planning of the Corporate Tax, Physical Person Tax, and Asset Tax. The purpose is to make a fiscal planning that allows the company to optimise taxation of the company and its owners.
  • Periodic information regarding changes in new fiscal regulation and changes in legal and doctrinal criteria.
  • Advising in any consultation regarding taxation.
  • Attention to requirement of information received by the Tax Administration State Agency (AEAT).
  • Counsel and execution in taxation procedures.
  • Postponement of fees before the Tax Administration State Agency (AEAT).
  • Management of local taxes and its census models.


The team is specialised in corporate, contractual, and bankruptcy law, making it so that the services offered to the client are focused on complying with commercial law and the revision and drafting of commercial and real estate contracts, without forgetting the necessary protection of the administrators from their own responsibility against third parties or the rest of the partners, giving them the tools to make well-informed decisions.
The services offered in this area are:

  • Revision of the companies decision-making policy.
  • Revision of the administrative body’s retribution.
  • Revision of the dividend-share policy
  • Record-keeping, partner registration ad its legalisation.
  • Counsel and execution in corporate operations (modifying of social bylaws, capital modifications, etc.)
  • Analysis of conflicts of interests affecting the administrators.
  • Assistance regarding the legality of possible agreements.
  • Analysis of the asset situation by the time of the closure of the companies activities, with the purpose of detecting any possible unbalance regarding assets.
  • Revision and drafting of all sorts of contracts.
  • Counsel on any commercial matter that could affect the company.


Our team specialises in implementing and developing an adequate labour planning and its coordination in the field of management and administrative procedures.
The services offered in this area are:
Labour management:

  • Counsel and management in employing workers.
  • Counsel in any consultation in the labour field.
  • Formalisation of discharges, leaves, and variations of workers in the company.
  • Work contracts control.
  • Calculation of payrolls and worker settlements.
  • Making of reports regarding labour costs.
  • Calculation of contributions to Social Security.
  • Processing of leaves, confirmation, and discharges due to Temporary Incapacity by telematics means.
  • Processing of work-related accidents.
  • Making of company certificates regarding the request of benefits due to temporary incapacity, maternity leaves, and unemployment.
  • Making of tax models related to the employed staff.
  • Management of postponements of quotas to the social security.

Labour planning:

  • Labour revision setting contingencies or labour liabilities.
  • Analysis of the degree of compliance to the companies agreements.
  • Proposal of improvements or regularisation.
  • Collaboration in the definition of recruitment and remuneration policies.


Our team is specialised in the keeping of the accounting status of different fields, and, specifically, specialised in analytical accounting, which enables our clients in their decision-making. The services we offer are:

  • Mechanization and accounting advising regarding operations with the information given by the client
  • Elaboration and proposal of a draft of the annual accounts of the Entity to the administrative body.
  • Making and presenting the mandatory accounting books in the competent Commercial Registry for its legalisation, by previous request of the administrator.
  • Presentation of an analysis and periodic information regarding the accounting states of the client with the objective of frequently examining the profitability and financial solvency.
  • Implementation of an analytical accounting system.
  • Implementation of a budget accounting system.

Get in contact with us and we will advise you over which services better adapt to your needs.

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