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The foundations department is unique because of its specialty, with over thirty years of experience accompanying those who want their activity constituted as a foundation, obtaining an increased performance from its resources and being more efficient.
Our services are oriented towards those who start their activity of general interest, or those who have been helping others for some time, for those businesses who take a step forward in their RSC, in their image and communication, etc.


Why a foundation?

When starting an activity with possible social, labour, or fiscal implications, it is essential to look for the correct legal framework, having in mind the goals and objectives of the company. Having said that, it is important to take into account that the Spanish law, like every other law in the western world, establishes important fiscal incentives to a series of activities conducted by individuals or companies categorised as foundations.
Therefore, there are activities that, if not carried out as a foundation, could imply the loss of opportunities. For example, attention to the elderly, to children, health and health service, culture, music, formation, I+D, business promotion, social action, etc.
Furthermore, foundations are a strategic tool:

  • When raising funds and receiving subsidies, public and private.
  • More resistant to crisis and less dependence on the market thanks to the possibility of receiving income from other sources.
  • Project a good image, generate confidence, and win in reputation.
  • When establishing alliances and reaching new groups of interest.
  • With growth capacity.
  • Very flexible in the presence of changes.

The services that we offer covers the whole life of a foundation, from its constitution until its subsequent management:

  • Constitution of foundations: We offer counsel to those interested in constituting a foundation from beginning to end, giving the option of integrally managing the application from the office, so that those interested in our service can limit their activity to just receiving the foundation all ready to work.
  • Foundations consultancy: we offer a service specialised in fiscal, legal, and project counselling, with experience of over 30 years working for these entities. We like to be part of the foundation, giving value to the decisions and helping to find resources and new projects.
  • The fiscal aspect of foundations: the fiscal regime of foundations is unique and is frequently unknown. Generally, it tends to be confused with the fiscal regime of associations or limited societies, and, even though there are some common elements between them, especially with limited societies, not having in mind or not knowing the specific legal regulation can generate serious problems.

Our law firm closely cooperates with the Spanish Association of Small and Medium Foundations, PYMEF. That wat, our foundations possess the support of this network of foundations to lift off with their projects and/or consolidate inside their respective field of work. From our experience, we have seen that thanks to their efforts in helping generate collaborations and spreading its activities as greatly helped many foundations to accomplish its objectives and reach new audiences.

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