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Alcázar Abogados y Consultores is a firm specialized in procedures regarding the buyout and sale of companies, activity branches, and business units.
Our experience in this field has made it possible for us to successfully complete and close, over the course of the last five years, over 30 buyout procedures.
In this regard, our services are divided in two different areas:


  • Our advice is aimed towards supporting companies in a phase of expansion and growth in the market, starting from the entry phase into a venture capital fund inside the shares of a company until the disinvestment phase.
  • In addition, we provide advising in purchase operations presented to the companies, supporting its inorganic growth.
  • There are times when the transfer of a company is the best scenario for the future, whether it could be due to a lack of succession in a family business, a conflict with the partners, interest in abandoning that market and looking for other type of opportunities.
  • Our services are aimed towards advising our clients in this sale phase from the moment the decision to sell is made, looking for the most favorable option to make the company attractive in the market.
  • In this sense, from Alcázar Abogados, we perform out Vendor Due Diligence, in the financial, legal, fiscal, and labor fields, so that the companies can prevent a possible audit from a potential buyer.

The services provided by ALCÁZAR ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES are specialized depending on the objective pursued by our clients. Our services for companies in expansion focus on the following:

  • Operation analysis: in this phase, our services focus on optimising the way in which the company that we want to purchase is purchased, in a fiscal, labour, and commercial sense.
  • Revision of the company: we carry out an analysis of the company or targeted business from a fiscal, labour, commercial, and financial viewpoint. Alcázar Abogados is specialized in Due Diligence procedures that aim to detect any possible contingencies and risks associated to the purchase of a company. Furthermore, we analyse the financial state of the company to compare the price of the operation.
  • Legal and fiscal counselling in the buyout process: in this phase, our legal team, with help from the fiscal and financial teams, accompany the client during the whole contractual negotiation of the buyout, price, and other conditions of the purchase.
  • Alcázar Abogados organises and manages the closure phase, accompanying the client to the signing of the operation.

Our services for companies on sale are the following:

  • Strategic and restructuring counselling: when proposing the possible sale of a company it is important to know if the company is ready to do so, if the market is at an optimal moment, and if the structure of the company or the group is optimal. To do so, Alcázar Abogados analyses the company to detect any possible financial inefficiencies, optimise the structure of the company when looking for new investors, and look for possible investors or acquirers of the company.
  • Business plan: once there is certainty that the company can proceed with in its current conditions and that it is in its best moment to look for investors, and once the company has been structured with that goal in mind, a business plan where the price of the company and the objectives are set is prepared.
  • Revision of the company-Vendor Due Diligence: in this phase, we analyse the company from a financial, fiscal, commercial, and labour viewpoint to look for any possible contingencies or risks that any buyers may find in the Due Diligence carried out over the company before the purchase, as well as an analysis of the possible solutions to these possible contingencies or risks. This way, contingencies and risks that could affect the targeted price are limited.
  • Legal and fiscal counselling in the buyout process: Alcázar Abogados accompanies the client in making the sales notebook, negotiation with investors, drawing out the contracts, and analysing the fiscal aspect of the operation, accompanying the client in all of these phases and in the closure of the operation.

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