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What do we do?

This department provides legal and financial services to help businessmen sustain and grow through the implementation of efficient corporate structures capable of rationalizing its activities and assets, guaranteeing generational takeovers, and preparing investments in new businesses, the entry of new partners, and total or partial disinvestment.
These characteristics of our services are specifically aimed at achieving:

  • Asset protection and risk diversification.
  • The planning of the succession process with the purpose of guaranteeing the continuity of the company and the optimization of its tax burden (Successions and Donations Tax)
  • The fiscal optimization of the tax relative to the assets of the owner of the company.
  • The best possible use of the advantages from the tax consolidation (Corporate Tax and IVA) of every company from the group.
  • The entry of new partners in the different activities of the company.
  •  The optimization of the labor cost of the company applying different collective agreements.
  • The preparation and tax optimization of the company for its complete or partial sale.

Our Value Proposal

In ALCÁZAR we try to offer a different and innovative approach to our projects, with the following value proposal:

  • Multidisciplinary approach. From the vast experience of the members of our departments, we understood that these types of services should be approached having in mind the possible tax, labor, financial, corporate, and legal consequences, and that, to offer the best possible service to our clients, we needed a specific department with members specialized exclusively in restructuring services.
  • Before implementing any restructuring operations, we carefully analyze the different activities with attention to detail, and we agree the objectives with the owners and directives with the requirements set by the client.
  • When providing our company restructuring services, we always apply a PROCESS MANAGEMENT to meet the requirements set by the clients and to reduce the possible risks of its execution as much as possible.
  • We involve our clients in the MONITORING OF THE WORK, sharing through our management application not only the necessary documents, but also the milestones of each phase of the project.
  • We do not leave our clients to fend for themselves once the restructuring operations take place. What we do is help and guide them in managing the new structure of the company (new conditions regarding legal, labor, tax, and accounting conditions, among others) through the POST-OPERATIVE PHASE.

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