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We have a team with a wide range of experience in auditing and assurance services, with the help of the latest technology, to offer the following services in the field of auditing:

  • Annual accounts auditing and financial states (in the following section we exhibit the intrinsic value that auditing adds to the administrative, accounting, and control processes of a company.
  • Preparation, auditing, and/or Reporting Package revision.
  • Switchover to NIIF.
  • Limited revision.
  • Reports on controls in organisation services.
  • Internal auditing.
  • Independent expert reports.
  • Design and execution of financial information technology systems.
  • Accounting advising.
  • Spending certificate.
  • Subsidy revision.
  • Public sector auditing.
  • External formation.

We also offer other types of services depending on the specific needs of the client (Assurance), like:

  • Procedures over financial information.
  • Verification tasks, different from auditing or historic financial information revision, following the international regulation on assignment of verification.
  • Report on internal control of organisation services.

When talking about companies that look to boost their growth through the buyout of companies, activity branches, or business units, mergers, and excisions, we offer the following verification services of the accounting information:

  • Breakdown revision made by the company according to the regulation requirements over financial states (NIIF, or applied GAAP).
  • Advising in making financial states pro-form or carve-out.
  • Support to other parties involved in the transaction (comfort letters, for example).

Value of annual accounts auditing

Annual accounts are the main economic-financial document that a company makes. Due to the important information that they contain, they are used by a wide range of agents in the performance of their tasks: from the companies own administration, for strategic and/or operative decision making, to third party users of the financial entities or fiscal authorities relevance, just to state two examples.
Thus, we believe that auditing in the revision of annual accounts adds great value to these revisions when looking to add reliability and rigour.
Ultimately, annual accounts with auditing reports and security to the direction and administrators in decision making, as well as limiting the risks and contingencies in different fields (legal, labour, fiscal…) that the company, members of the board, or administrators, could see themselves involved in when carrying out their job.

Expert Economic reports

Our team is formed by economists and accounting experts with a wide range of experience in making economic and financial reports. We have economists who are auditors registered in the Official Account Auditing Registry (ROAC) and Expert Accountant Registry /REC), employing their experience as auditors in making reports.
These expert reports are focused on obtaining evidence to be used in legal procedures as experts or to obtain evidence in corporate operations.
The main expert reports that we make are:

  • Economic-financial analysis of the companies situation.
  • Analysis, as expert accountants, of economic or accounting information in the context of approving annual accounts.
  • Valuation of loss of profit, emerging damage, goodwill, etc.
  • Studying of “floor clauses) and other abusive clauses in mortgage or non-mortgage loans and valuation of incorrectly paid amounts.
  • Identifying fraud and valuation according to accounting information.
  • Evaluating and interpreting economic conditions in contracts, compensation calculation, or contract infractions and penalties.
  • Complying with economic and financial requisites according to the current law.
  • Expert valuations in different situations, like partner separation in companies, by corporate operations that could require valuation, divorces, etc.

And a large etcetera in which we adapt to every one of the particular situations that could require expert reports in an economic and financial sense.


There are different situations in which company valuations are made:

  • In buyout operations of companies between partners or third parties.
  • Inheritances.
  • Company restructuring operations.
  • Fiscal reasons.

These valuations are made analysing the history of the company and the projected estimate to future, using different methods of valuation, being one the cash flow discounts of the most recognised in the market.
The resulting valuation subsequently contrasts with other methods like the balance method and the EBITDA multiplying (results before taxes, interests, depreciation) etc.

Business plans

When a businessman has a business or is going to create one, to ensure success it is recommended to carry out an viability analysis and its potential risks, which is established in a business plan. This business plan is a basic document to present the developed or to be developed business before third parties, like providers, clients, employees, etc. or investors or financial entities that will finance the business.
Our services consist in accompanying in the development of each of the following sections, which are the main sections of a business plan:

  • Vision, mission, and establishing of objectives.
  • Description of the business (offered services and products)
  • Market potential
  • Market competition
  • DAFO (weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities)
  • Financing necessities
  • Economic estimates of the different scenarios (at least the probable scenario, pessimistic and optimistic)
  • Etcetera

It is important that, once the business has started to be exploited, to make, at least, an annual tracking in which economic estimations budgeted with the real estimations are revised, as well as updating the business plan and facilitating future decision making.

Why Alcázar?

In Alcázar we perform annual account auditing with a double objective: give reliability to annual accounts, provide transparency to the companies management, as well as helping the company improve in its administrative and control functions.
Our auditing mainly focuses in administrative and control procedures, because we are convinced that the best way to add value to our work is by obtaining a minimisation of risks of making any errors in accounting information, which at the same time provides security and reliability to us when issuing our report.

Also, we believe that, for the development of auditing of the highest possible standard, it is essential to be in constant contact with our colleagues from other disciplines, looking to detect any possible contingencies for the company, its administrators and board members, and to immediately inform the company of the detected incidences, presenting them the different scenarios and alternatives for its solution.

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