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It is usual that due to the complexity of the matter, the need for a quick resolution, to avoid excessive formalities, the procedures are in another language, or for many other reasons, an Arbitration Process is resorted to. 

The Arbitration Process is an extrajudicial resolution mechanism that provides speed, flexibility and efficiency, all sought by the parties to achieve a beneficial agreement as soon as possible. 

The Spanish Court of Arbitration, founded in 1981, is the senior arbitration institution in Spain, whose international activity has led to the creation of the Madrid International Arbitration Center (“CIAM”) which, together with the Court of Arbitration of Madrid and the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration, is in charge of this procedure. In addition to these organizations, there are many others throughout the country.  

In this regard, our specialist Mr. Juan Butragueño Rodríguez-Borlado, lawyer member of the Madrid Lawyer Association. He has personally participated in national and international Arbitration Process, both as arbitrator and as client representative. 

Mr. Juan Butragueño has been counsel to the law firm Cuatrecasas, and he was a lawyer for Ventura Garcés and Asesores Legales y de Inversiones, and international law firms such as STANBROOK & HOOPER. 

Mr. Juan Butragueño is fluent in English and French, allowing Juan to lead Arbitration Process, issue resolutions or provide legal direction in both languages, in addition to Spanish. 

In the Arbitration Process, the parties may agree that the arbitration shall be conducted and resolved in accordance with: 

  • Arbitration of Law: the arbitrator must resolve the dispute by giving legal reasoning his decision. 
  • Equity Arbitration: the arbitrator resolves the dispute according to his natural sense of justice. 

Therefore, Arbitration is a dispute resolution that is distinguished by: 

  • Speed of resolution 
  • Allowing the parties to provide evidence more flexible way than in court proceedings. 
  • Arbitration awards and, in general, arbitrations can be made confidentially. 
  • It allows to choose the language, avoiding the imposition that makes the judicial procedure. 

It is, therefore, a mechanism with great options and usually used nowadays due to its flexibility. 

GRUPO ALCÁZAR, as a company specialized in arbitration proceedings, offers its services under the direction of Mr. Juan Butragueño Rodríguez-Borlado, who is a recognized national and international arbitrator with more than twenty years of experience in this matter.

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