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Labour Law

LABOUR LAW Businesses work in ever-changing environments (like the crisis that has taken place due to Coronavirus) which is

Main Servicies

Public Tender – Public Procurement

PUBLIC TENDER – PUBLIC PROCUREMENT Concurring in a public procurement procedure requires complete tracking of the procedure in every

Main Servicies

Residents’ Associations – Horizontal Property

RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONS – HORIZONTAL PROPERTY Every Residents’ Association organises its matters around the decisions made in the Board of

Main Servicies

Construction Law

CONSTRUCTION LAW During the development of a construction, the emergence of problems between the different construction agents is very

Main Servicies

Dishonest Competition

DISHONEST COMPETITION Law 3/1991, from 10th of January, regarding Dishonest Competition, looks to protect competition in the interest of

Main Servicies

Economic Criminal Law

ECONOMIC CRIMINAL LAW Given that one of the great strengths of our firm is the possible occurrence of problems

Main Servicies


AUDITING We have a team with a wide range of experience in auditing and assurance services, with the help

Main Servicies


COMPLIANCE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE PROGRAMS. Within the operations of a company, there can be some risks that could materialise due

Main Servicies


FOUNDATIONS The foundations department is unique because of its specialty, with over thirty years of experience accompanying those who

Main Servicies