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Home, Alcázar Abogados - Expertos reestructuraciones empresariales o societarias. INTEGRAL COMPANY COUNSELING It is necessary to have global counselling to meet with the required legal obligations. KNOW MORE PARTNER AGREEMENTS
Regulation of agreements between partners allows for a better management of your business. KNOW MORE KNOW MORE Oriented to those who start an activity with social implications. COMPANY BUYOUTS Our team of professionals has a great amount of experience in any sale or buyout process. KNOW MORE BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING Experts in planning and implementation of corporate or business restructuring. KNOW MORE We have a wide range of experience in advising clients and formalising partner agreements. PARTNER CONFLICTS FOUNDATIONS Home, Alcázar Abogados - Expertos reestructuraciones empresariales o societarias. KNOW MORE BANKRUPTCY If non-payments are a problem in your company, do not have any doubts, contact us. KNOW MORE WYERS KNOW MORE Avoid legal risks from the activity of the company. COMPLIANCE Home, Alcázar Abogados - Expertos reestructuraciones empresariales o societarias. CONOMISTS Home, Alcázar Abogados - Expertos reestructuraciones empresariales o societarias. UDITORS L
Home, Alcázar Abogados - Expertos reestructuraciones empresariales o societarias.

ALCÁZAR is a firm integrated by a group of professionals from every discipline, with a great deal of experience in prestigious law firms and multinational audit firms.

We propose a different work philosophy, based on the service to the client and putting together, for each project, an integrated multidisciplinary team. Our philosophy is based on excellency in the workplace, procedures, and creativity when proposing solutions.

Each and every one of these services are offered from our own offices and professionals from our firm. This ensures that we can look at our projects from different perspectives and give agile solutions to our clients without depending on third parties.

Likewise, ALCÁZAR is a member of the international network EUROPEFIDES, an international network of law firms with over 700 professionals and with presence in 18 European countries, China, and Singapore.



Multidisciplinary work system

For us, being multidisciplinary means something more than offering services in different disciplines. Once we take on a task or a project, we work collectively to achieve a common goal, approaching it from every possible perspective and analyzing any possible repercussions.

Technological component

Technology makes us more agile, efficient, and allows us to apply our knowledge and time to the client, applying the most adequate technological tools to each process.

Procedural methodology

The management of protocolled procedures assures that we meet with the most demanding quality standards. These procedures in the work system avoid errors and provides an added value to the client, which is none other than the security and tranquillity of being in the best possible hands.

“The whole is greater than the sum”